The Welcome Wagon

Not actually a Star Trek podcast.  This show, coming later in 2019, will examine Gene Roddenberry’s work outside of Star Trek – westerns, cop shows, military shows, his non-Trek pilots from the 1970s – all with an eye toward connections to his most famous creation.  Were there story themes that would be developed or revisited later aboard the Enterprise?  Were there personnel in front of or behind the cameras who would return in the 23rd century?  And did the scripts or stories reflect Gene’s famous hopeful worldview of a world with more peace and less prejudice?

Star Trek will be mentioned quite often – after all, it’s what Gene is best known for – but this is a podcast about looking for Gene’s footprints in the desert dust, in the barracks, on the mean streets, and in futures other than the one where Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, or any of their fellow Starfleet officers live.

Stay tuned!  Have Gene, Will Travel starts its journey later in 2019.

What will be covered?  If it still exists and is available in video form, and was written by Gene Roddenberry under either his own name or his “Robert Wesley” pen name, Have Gene, Will Travel will cover it.  Since he created and produced the series, every episode of The Lieutenant will be covered.  Strange New World, though Gene didn’t write it, will be covered to help complete the long, winding saga of the PAX story that begins with Genesis II and culminates in Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda.  The first episodes of both Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda will be covered, the former because its pilot was actually written by Gene, the latter because it completes the PAX circle.  Gene was a very busy writer.