The unmade tales

Gene's Unmade Series

A listing of series concepts devised and pitched by Gene Roddenberry, but which were left either unsold or unproduced.
Series TitlePitched toLog line (where available)Approximate dateCollaborators (if any)
Hawaii PassageCBSFollows a cruise ship and her crew operating between Hawaii and the Pacific coastJune 20, 1956n/a
Junior ExecutiveZIV Productions1956?Quinn Martin
ThresholdScreen GemsNovember 1956n/a
The Man From LloydsunknownSecret-agent style series following an agent from Lloyds of LondonMarch 13, 1958 (date of registration with WGAW)n/a
The Big Walk
a.k.a. The Beat Cop
a.k.a. Footbeat
Screen Gems / ABC - sold but never producedStreet-level police dramaJune 1958n/a
KapuScreen Gemsafter 1958, prior to 1961n/a
Telegraph Hill
a.k.a. Freelance
Screen Gemsafter 1958, prior to 1961n/a
The CenturionScreen Gemsafter 1958, prior to 1961n/a
CaravanScreen Gemsafter 1958, prior to 1961n/a
CourtroomScreen Gemsafter 1958, prior to 1961n/a
The OlympiansScreen Gemsafter 1958, prior to 1961n/a
Defiance County
a.k.a. 333 Montgomery
Screen Gems - sold & filmed but declined at the network level; pilot eventually shown as part of Alcoa Theatre1961n/a

Gene's Unmade Stories

A listing of episode scripts pitched or sold by Gene Roddenberry, but never produced.
SeriesScript TitleApproximate date of completion/submissionCollaborators (if any)Archival location
Science Fiction Theater (ZIV)"The Transporter"January 4, 1955n/a
Harbourmaster (CBS) / Adventures At Scott Island (ABC)"Coastal Security" - sold1957-58n/aUnknown
Bat Masterson"Pecos Shootdown" - soldNovember 7, 1958n/aUW-Madison ZIV/UA Script Archive
The Man From Texas (Screen Gems - series was never made)title unknown - soldlate 1956 / early 1957n/aUnknown