Watching Gene’s Back Catalog

This is a complete list of shows for which Gene Roddenberry wrote that are commercially available either as streaming or physical media. Since the streaming landscape is in a state of near-constant flux, streaming rights change hands from time to time. I’ll try to keep this list as current as possible.

Full disclosure: Amazon and CBS All Access links on this page are affiliate links that help support the site and the podcast.

SeriesSeasons / EpisodesAmazon PrimeDVDBlu-RayOther Streaming
Alias Smith & JonesSeason 1 (1 episode)n/aDVDn/an/a
AndromedaSeasons 1-5 (based on Dylan Hunt concept from “Genesis II” & “Planet Earth”; posthumous)Amazon PrimeDVDBlu-RayiTunes
Earth: Final ConflictSeasons 1-5 (based on Gene’s 1970s series concept & pilot script; posthumous)Amazon PrimeDVDn/aiTunes
Genesis IITV Movie (first Dylan Hunt pilot)Amazon PrimeDVDn/aiTunes
Harbor CommandOne season only (1 episode)n/aDVDn/an/a
Have Gun – Will TravelSeason 1 (5 episodes)Amazon PrimeDVDn/an/a
Season 2 (6 episodes)Amazon PrimeDVDn/an/a
Season 3 (6 episodes)n/aDVDn/an/a
Season 4 (1 episode)n/aDVD Volume 1
DVD Volume 2
Season 5 (1 episode)n/aDVD Volume 1
DVD Volume 2
Season 6 (5 episodes)n/aDVD Volume 1
DVD Volume 2
Highway PatrolSeason 1 (4 episodes)n/aDVDn/an/a
Season 2 (1 episode)n/aDVD Volume 1n/an/a
The LieutenantOne season only (Gene created this series, wrote 3 episodes, and produced all 29 episodes)n/aDVD Volume 1
DVD Volume 2
Planet EarthTV Movie (second Dylan Hunt pilot)Amazon PrimeDVDn/an/a
Pretty Maids All In A Row1971 feature film (Gene adapted Francis Pollini novel into screenplay and produced – very Rated R)Amazon PrimeDVDn/aiTunes
The Questor TapesTV Movien/aDVDn/an/a
Star Trek: The Original SeriesPilot + 3 Seasons (Gene wrote 6 episodes, story credit on 3 episodes, teleplay only credit on 1 episode; produced all 79 episodes + pilot)Amazon PrimeDVDBlu-RayCBS All Access, iTunes
Star Trek: The Motion Picture1979 feature film (produced; wrote novelization: paperback | Kindle)Amazon PrimeDVDBlu-RayiTunes
Star Trek: The Next GenerationSeasons 1-7 (wrote 1 episode, teleplay only credit on 2 episodes)Amazon PrimeDVDBlu-RayCBS All Access, iTunes
The VirginianSeason 1 (1 episode)Amazon PrimeDVDn/an/a
West PointOne season only (10 episodes)n/aDVDn/an/a
WhiplashOne season only (4 episodes)n/aDVDn/an/a

Recommended Reading

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Stempel, Tom. “Storytellers To The Nation: A History Of American Television Writing“, 1991.  Available in hardcover & paperback.

Additional Sources

Solow, Herbert F. & Justman, Robert H. “Inside Star Trek: The Real Story“, 1996.  Available in hardcover & paperback.

Engel, Joel. “Gene Roddenberry: The Man And The Myth Behind Star Trek“, 1994. Available in hardcover & paperback.