What Gene Wrote

Presented below is an attempt to list, in one place and chronologically, all of Gene Roddenberry’s non-Star Trek TV and film work to date. (It’s entirely possible that more of Gene’s stories and story ideas may be adapted in the future, necessitating expansion of this list – and the podcast – at a later date.) Though some airdates were sourced from IMDb, that has proven to be an extremely unreliable research source for pre-1960s TV, so where possible I have used data from the Classic Television Archive site for pre-1960s shows, and where CTVA had no data, I simply left a year with no specific date.

The archive status of a great deal of pre-1960s TV is a matter of ongoing research; if you have information on shows marked “status uncertain”, please feel free to contact me with newer information. Even where older shows have been released on DVD, many of those DVD releases are now out of print and very difficult to find.

Show List (Chronological)

SeriesEpisodeAirdateGene's RoleAvailable?Notable PersonnelHGWT Podcast
Mr. District Attorney1.09: "Defense Plant Gambling"1954Writer and Technical Advisor (as "Robert Wesley")Archived at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mr. District Attorney1.22: "Wife Killer"1954Writer and Technical Advisor (as "Robert Wesley")Archived at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mr. District Attorney1.34: "Police Academy"1954Writer and Technical Advisor (as "Robert Wesley")Archived at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mr. District Attorney1.44: "Court Escape"1954Writer and Technical Advisor (as "Robert Wesley")Archived at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mr. District Attorney2.05: "Patrol Boat"1955Writer and Technical Advisor (as "Robert Wesley")Archived at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mr. District Attorney2.13: "Police Brutality"1955Writer and Technical Advisor (as "Robert Wesley")Archived at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Highway Patrol1.09: "Reformed Criminal"11-28-1955Writer (as "Robert Wesley")DVD, YouTube
Highway Patrol1.22: "Human Bomb"2-27-1956Writer (as "Robert Wesley")DVD
Stage 7 (a.k.a. Chevron Hall Of Stars)?.??: "The Secret Defense Of 117"3-6-1956WriterStatus unknown; script known to existRicardo Montalban
Highway Patrol1.28: "Mental Patient"4-9-1956Writer (as "Robert Wesley")DVD
Highway Patrol1.38: "Prospector"6-18-1956Writer (as "Robert Wesley")DVD
West Point1.02: "The Operator And The Martinet"10-12-1956Staff WriterDVDChuck Connors, Robert Vaughn
West Point1.05: "Thicker Than Water"11-2-1956Staff WriterDVDWilliam Campbell, Corey Allen
Highway Patrol2.09: "Oil Lease"12-3-1956Writer (as "Robert Wesley")DVD
West Point1.10: "Man Of Action"12-7-1956Staff WriterDVDWhit Bissell
West Point1.13: "A Double Reverse"12-28-1956Staff WriterDVD
I Led 3 Lives3.28: "Radioactive"1956WriterYouTube
I Led 3 Lives3.34: "Discredit Police"1956WriterArchived at University of Wisconsin-Madison
West Point1.??: "Duty, Honor, And Trouble"1956-57Staff WriterDVD
Dr. Christian1.16: "Bullet Wound"1-14-1957WriterArchived at University of Wisconsin-Madison
West Point1.19: "Jet Flight"2-8-1957Staff WriterDVD
The Kaiser Aluminum Hour1.16: "So Short A Season"2-12-1957WriterStatus unknownSusan Oliver
West Point1.21: "The Command"2-22-1957Staff Writer
(shared story credit with Jack Bennett)
West Point1.26: "The Manhunt"3-29-1957Staff WriterDVD
True Story1.??: "Dream No More"4-20-1957WriterStatus unknown
Dr. Christian1.34: "The Philanthropist"5-20-1957Writer
(shared writing credit with Stuart Jerome)
Archived at University of Wisconsin-MadisonWhit Bissell
West Point1.26: "The Drowning Of The Gun"5-24-1957Staff Writer
(co-written with E. Jack Neuman)
West Point1.27: "McKinley's Challenge"5-31-1957Staff WriterDVD
Boots And Saddles1.01: "The Gatling Gun"9-19-1957WriterStatus unknown (California National Productions)
Have Gun - Will Travel1.03: "The Great Mojave Chase"9-28-1957WriterDVDLawrence Dobkin, Sam Rolfe
Boots And Saddles1.05: "Prussian Farmers"10-17-1957WriterStatus unknown (California National Productions)
Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre3.10: "The Perfect Alibi"12-12-1957Writer
(adapted from a story by Patricia Highsmith)
Status unknown
Have Gun - Will Travel1.14: "The Yuma Treasure"12-14-1957WriterDVDSam Rolfe
Have Gun - Will Travel1.15: "The Hanging Cross"12-21-1957WriterDVDAbraham Sofaer, Sam Rolfe
Boots And Saddles1.14: "The Marquis Of Donnybrook"12-26-1957WriterStatus unknown (California National Productions)DeForest Kelley
Have Gun - Will Travel1.16: "Helen Of Abajinian"12-28-1957WriterDVDSam Rolfe
Have Gun - Will Travel1.17: "Ella West"1-4-1958WriterDVDSam Rolfe
Boots And Saddles1.24: "Rescue Of The Stranger"3-6-1958WriterStatus unknown (California National Productions)
Jefferson Drum1.03: "Law And Order"5-9-1958WriterStatus unknown (Screen Gems)
Harbor Command1.37: "The Psychiatrist"6-20-1958Writer
(shared credit with William Driskill)
Jefferson Drum1.07: "Madame Faro"6-6-1958WriterStatus unknown (Screen Gems)
Jefferson Drum1.11: "The Post"7-4-1958WriterStatus unknown (Screen Gems)Skip Homeier
Have Gun - Will Travel2.04: "The Hanging Of Roy Carter"10-4-1958WriterDVD"Chaplain Robert April", Sam Rolfe, Don Ingalls
Have Gun - Will Travel2.07: "The Road To Wickenburg"10-25-1958WriterDVDMichael Forest, Don Ingalls, Sam Rolfe
Have Gun - Will Travel2.20: "Juliet"1-31-1959WriterDVDDon Ingalls, Sam Rolfe
Have Gun - Will Travel2.24: "The Monster Of Moon Ridge"2-28-1959WriterDVDDon Ingalls, Sam Rolfe
Have Gun - Will Travel2.28: "Maggie O'Bannion"4-4-1959WriterDVDDon Ingalls, Sam Rolfe
Have Gun - Will Travel2.32: "The Return Of Roy Carter"5-2-1959WriterDVD"Robert April", Don Ingalls, Sam Rolfe
Have Gun - Will Travel3.02: "Episode In Laredo"9-19-1959WriterDVDSam Rolfe
Have Gun - Will Travel3.03: "Les Girls"9-26-1959WriterDVDSam Rolfe
Have Gun - Will Travel3.04: "The Posse"10-3-1959WriterDVDSam Rolfe
Have Gun - Will Travel3.10: "The Golden Toad"11-21-1959WriterDVDWilliam Wellman Jr., Sam Rolfe
Have Gun - Will Travel3.11: "Tiger"11-28-1959WriterDVDSam Rolfe
Have Gun - Will Travel3.13: "Charley Red Dog"12-12-1959WriterDVDSam Rolfe
The Detectives1.13: "Karate"1-8-1960WriterStatus unknown (Four Star Productions)Tige Andrews, John Anderson
The Detectives1.14: "Blue Fire"1-15-1960WriterStatus unknown (Four Star Productions)Tige Andrews
Hotel de Paree1.23: "Sundance And The Black Widow"4-1-1960WriterYouTubeSam Rolfe, Del Reisman, Fred Steiner
Alcoa Theatre3.17: "333 Montgomery"6-13-1960Writer / ProducerStatus unknownDeForest Kelley
Wrangler1.??: "Incident At The Bar M"8-4-1960WriterStatus unknownSusan Oliver
Whiplash1.01: "Episode In Bathurst"9-10-1960 (UK premiere)WriterDVDJohn Meredyth Lucas
Whiplash1.05: "Sarong"10-8-1960 (UK premiere)WriterDVDJohn Meredyth Lucas
Whiplash1.06: "Dutchman's Reef"10-15-1960 (UK premiere)WriterDVDJohn Meredyth Lucas
Whiplash1.08: "The Actress"10-29-1960 (UK premiere)WriterDVDJohn Meredyth Lucas
Have Gun - Will Travel4.30: "El Paso Stage"4-15-1961WriterDVDRobert Butler, Sam Rolfe
Two Faces West1.30: "The Lesson"5-22-1961Teleplay
(story credited to Eustace Cockrell)
Status unknown (Screen Gems)
Shannon1.02: "The Embezzler's Daughter"10-2-1961Teleplay
(story credited to Ward Hawkins)
Status unknown (Screen Gems)
Shannon1.08: "The Pickup"11-20-1961WriterStatus unknown (Screen Gems)DeForest Kelley
Target: The Corruptors!1.10: "To Wear A Badge"12-1-1961Story
(teleplay credited to Harry Essex)
Cable reruns
Have Gun - Will Travel5.27: "Alice"3-17-1962WriterDVDDon Ingalls
Dr. Kildare1.31: "A Distant Thunder"5-10-1962WriterDVD
The Naked City3.31: "The Rydecker Case"6-6-1962WriterDVD, Amazon PrimeKathryn Hays
Have Gun - Will Travel6.02: "Taylor's Woman"9-22-1962WriterDVDDon Ingalls
G.E. True1.02: "V Victor 5"10-7-1962Teleplay
(story credited to Harold Jack Bloom)
Have Gun - Will Travel6.11: "The Marshal Of Sweetwater"11-24-1962WriterDVDDon Ingalls
Have Gun - Will Travel6.14: "Trial At Table Rock"12-15-1962WriterDVDGregg Palmer, Don Ingalls
A.P.O. 923TV movie1962WriterStatus unknown
Have Gun - Will Travel6.23: "Cage At McNaab"2-16-1963WriterDVD
Have Gun - Will Travel6.27: "The Savages"3-16-1963WriterDVD
The Virginian1.29: "Run Away Home"4-24-1963Story
(teleplay credited to Howard Browne)
The Lieutenant1.01: "A Million Miles From Clary"9-14-1963Creator / ProducerDVDGary Lockwood (entire series)
The Lieutenant1.02: "Cool Of The Evening"9-21-1963Creator / ProducerDVDKathryn Hays
The Lieutenant1.03: "The Proud And The Angry"9-28-1963Creator / ProducerDVD
The Lieutenant1.04: "The Two-Star Giant"10-5-1963Creator / ProducerDVD
The Lieutenant1.05: "A Very Private Affair"10-12-1963Creator / Producer / WriterDVDStuart Margolin
The Lieutenant1.06: "To Take Up Serpents"10-19-1963Creator / ProducerDVD
The Lieutenant1.07: "A Touching Of Hands"10-26-1963Creator / ProducerDVDEdward Milkis
The Lieutenant1.08: "Captain Thomson"11-2-1963Creator / ProducerDVD
The Lieutenant1.09: "Instant Wedding"11-9-1963Creator / ProducerDVD
The Lieutenant1.10: "A Troubled Image"11-16-1963Creator / ProducerDVDPilar Seurat
The Lieutenant1.11: "Fall From A White Horse"11-30-1963Creator / ProducerDVDAndrew Prine
The Lieutenant1.12: "Alert!"12-14-1963Creator / ProducerDVD
The Lieutenant1.13: "The Art Of Discipline"12-21-1963Creator / ProducerDVDRobert Butler
The Lieutenant1.14: "The Alien"12-28-1963Creator / Producer / Teleplay (as "Robert Wesley")
(story credited to George Eckstein)
DVDMadlyn Rhue
The Lawbreakers1.??: "The Michael Olds Story"1963AdaptationStatus unknown
The Lawbreakers1.??: "Queen Anne Killer Unidentified"1963AdaptationStatus unknown
The Lieutenant1.15: "O'Rourke"1-4-1964Creator / ProducerDVD
The Lieutenant1.16: "Gone The Sun"1-18-1964Creator / ProducerDVDJohn Anderson, John Bellah, Sherry Jackson, Victor Tayback
The Lieutenant1.17: "Between Music And Laughter"1-25-1964Creator / ProducerDVD
The Lieutenant1.18: "Interlude"2-1-1964Creator / ProducerDVDPaul Schneider
The Lieutenant1.19: "Capp's Lady"2-8-1964Creator / ProducerDVD
The Lieutenant1.20: "Green Water, Green Flag"2-15-1964Creator / ProducerDVDMichael Pataki
The Lieutenant1.21: "To Set It Right"Rejected by NBCCreator / ProducerDVDDon Marshall, Ed McReady, Nichelle Nichols
The Lieutenant1.22: "In The Highest Tradition"2-29-1964Creator / ProducerDVDMajel Barrett, Leonard Nimoy, Marc Daniels
The Lieutenant1.23: "Tour Of Duty"3-7-1964Creator / ProducerDVDRicardo Montalban, Art Wallace
The Lieutenant1.24: "Lament For A Dead Goldbrick"3-14-1964Creator / ProducerDVDMichael Pataki, Robert Butler
The Lieutenant1.25: "Man With An Edge"3-21-1964Creator / ProducerDVD
The Lieutenant1.26: "Operation: Actress"3-28-1964Creator / ProducerDVDLeslie Parrish
The Lieutenant1.27: "Mother Enemy"4-4-1964Creator / ProducerDVDWalter Koenig, Vincent McEveety
The Lieutenant1.28: "The War Called Peace"4-11-1964Creator / ProducerDVDVictor Tayback
The Lieutenant1.29: "To Kill A Man"4-18-1964Creator / Producer / WriterDVDJames Shigeta
Star TrekPilot: "The Cage"1964Creator / Producer / WriterBlu-Ray, DVD, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access(will not be covered in podcast)
Star Trek1.01-3.24 - The Original Series9-8-1966 through 6-3-1969Creator / Producer / Writer on some episodesBlu-Ray, DVD, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access(will not be covered in podcast)
The Long Hunt Of April SavageTV Movie1966ProducerStatus unknownSam Rolfe, Robert Lansing, Robert Justman, Herb Solow
Police StoryTV Movie9-8-1967WriterStatus unknownDeForest Kelley, Steve Inhat, Malachi Throne, Grace Lee Whitney, Vincent McEveety, Alexander Courage
Alias Smith & Jones1.05: "The Girl In Boxcar #3"2-11-1971Story
(teleplay credited to Howard Browne)
DVD(this is Gene's "Virginian" story repurposed due to a production crunch)
Pretty Maids All In A RowFeature Film4-28-1971Screenplay / Producer
(based on novel by Francis Pollini)
DVDJames Doohan, William Campbell, William Ware Theiss, Andrea Weaver, Bill Brame
Genesis IITV Movie3-23-1973Writer / ProducerDVD, Amazon PrimeMariette Hartley, Ted Cassidy, Percy Rodrigues, Majel Barrett
The Questor TapesTV Movie1-23-1974Writer
(shared credit with Gene L. Coon)
DVDRobert Foxworth, James Shigeta, Majel Barrett, Walter Koenig, Richard A. Colla
Planet EarthTV Movie4-23-1974Writer
(shared teleplay credit with Juanita Bartlett)
DVD, Amazon PrimeTed Cassidy, Diana Muldaur, Majel Barrett, Craig Hundley, Marc Daniels, Robert Justman
Strange New WorldTV Movie3-23-1975(not credited on screen - third movie based on Genesis II/Dylan Hunt concept)DVDGerrit Graham, Robert Butler
SpectreTV Movie5-21-1977Writer
(shared screenplay credit with Samuel A. Peeples)
Cable rerunsMajel Barrett
Star Trek: The Motion PictureFeature Film12-7-1979ProducerBlu-Ray, DVD, Amazon Prime(will not be covered in podcast)
Star Trek: The Next Generation1.01-7.25w/o 9-28-1987 thru w/o 5-23-1994Creator / Writer on 1 episodes, Teleplay on 2 episodesBlu-Ray, DVD, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access(will not be covered in podcast)
Earth: Final Conflict1.01: "Decision"w/o 10-6-1997WriterDVD, Amazon PrimeMajel Barrett, Harry "Doc" Kloor
Andromeda1.01: "Under The Night"10-2-2000Creator
(episode written by RHW; final iteration of Genesis II/Dylan Hunt storyline)
Blu-Ray, DVD, Amazon PrimeRobert Hewitt Wolfe, Majel Barrett, Allan Eastman